George P. Moschis

Alfred Bernhardt Research Professor, Director of the Center for Mature Consumer Studies

Georgia State University
University Plaza
Atlanta, GA 30303
Tel. (404) 413-7670
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George P. Moschis is Alfred Bernhardt Research Professor of Marketing and the founding director of the Center for Mature Consumer Studies (CMCS) at Georgia State University. He is presently adjunct professor at Mahidol University, Thailand, where he has founded and directed the Consumer Life-course Studies Group (CLSG), a global network of academic researchers. Dr. Moschis’ research is globally known to academics and industry, and his CMCS has been recognized over the years by American Demographics as one of the best sources of marketing information in the United States. As a guest of various types of organizations around the globe, Dr. Moschis lectures annually in several countries in the five continents and is considered by practitioners as one of the world’s foremost authorities on topics related to consumption habits of different generations. His list of publications includes hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and papers, dozens research monographs, and nine books.  Based on his impact on academic research, he has been cited as one of the most influential figures in consumer research today.


DATE:           August, 2022

NAME:         George Parthenios Moschis                                                  

ADDRESS:  College of Management Mahidol University                                                        
69 Vipawadee Rd. Bangkok, 10400 Thailand                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Bachelors of Science in Marketing
University of Tennessee
March 1969

M.B.A. in Marketing
Georgia State University
March 1971
Ph.D. in Business Administration
University of Wisconsin
December 1976

Ph.D. Major field:    Marketing

Secondary field: International Business

Minor field:    Mass Communications

DISSERTATION TITLE: Acquisition of the Consumer Role by Adolescents .
(Chaired by Gilbert A. Churchill, Jr.)

POST DOCTORAL WORK: Gerontology, Georgia State University, 1987  (1 year)