Service Activities Internal to The University


 1993-2008                 Marketing Doctoral Program Committee

1988-1992                 Department Chair Search Committee (Member)

1983-1988                 Ph.D. Program in Marketing (Director)

1981-1985                 M.S. Program in Marketing (Coordinator)



1986-present              Director of the Center for Mature Consumer Studies

1988-1991                 CoBA Promotion and Tenure Committee (Member)

1985-1988                 CoBA Doctoral Assistantship Award Committee (Member)

1983-1984                 Search Committee, Dean of CoBA (Member)

1983-1984                 Ad Hoc Executive MBA Review Committee (Member)

1982-1983        Committee on Search for Director for Business Research (Member)

1980-1981                 CoBA Committee on Improvement of Communication Skills


1980-1981                 MBA Ad Hoc Special Standing Admissions Committee (Member)

1978-1984                 CoBA Research Council Committee (Member)



2012-present               Member of Brazil Task Force, GSU International Initiative Program

1985-present              Member of the Gerontology Institute Faculty

1990-1992                 Gerontology Center Planning Committee

1977-1980                 Member of Urban Life Faculty